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About FastyCloud

We work with high principles of quality and customer service: be fast, adapt and serve.

We are the largest private, dedicated Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting providers in America and Europe; We have 4 physical facilities, including: New York USA, Toronto Canada, London UK, Nuremberg Germany, and many virtual facilities for customer service and technical support. More than 1 million customers, more than 500 employees, customer services and 24-hours technical support. An Official Brand of Imagine Cloud Technology’s Inc.

Who is 7Cloud Server?

Most trusted provider of web hosting and reseller hosting in America and Europe

4 Data Centers, Dallas TX EE.UU, London UK, Nuremberg Germany, Toronto Canada.

More than 1 million happy customers with hosting services and domains

24/7 customer support services.

more than 1 million active websites, projects and domains.

More than 600 employees happy to attend to your requests and keep your service online.


It is creating services that most professionals and companies prefer: easy to use, complete, with better tools and a safe, reliable and fast loading development environment, with mobile responsiveness and easy to buy.


We have designed our entire process and products to provide everything that professionals, small, medium and large companies need for internet hosting and hosting services, ensuring that working with us is always a fast, easy and uncomplicated experience. We provide our clients with full control of their service at no extra charge, and our friendly support team offers their 24-hour online consulting and help experience.