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with Alpha Reseller

Now you can sell Reseller WHM plans, Master Reseller and cPanel accounts with your own brand

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Basic Alpha

Ready in 3 Data Centers
$ 23
  • 150 GB SSD Storage
  • 50 Master Reseller Accounts / Clients
  • 100 WHM Accounts /Clients
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts /Clients
  • WHMReseller Alpha reseller Panel
  • FREE .COM domain * Annual purchase
  • 400+ free pre-installed apps

Professional Alpha

Ready in 3 Data Centers
$ 29
  • 300 GB SSD Storage
  • 200 Master Reseller Accounts / Clients
  • 400 WHM accounts / Clients
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts /Clients
  • WHMReseller Alpha reseller Panel
  • FREE .COM domain * Annual purchase
  • 400+ free pre-installed apps

Business Alpha

Ready in 3 Data Centers
$ 36
  • 500 GB SSD Storage
  • 400 Master Reseller accounts / Clients
  • 800 WHM Accounts / Clients
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts / Clients
  • WHMReseller Alpha reseller Panel
  • FREE .COM domain * Annual purchase
  • 400+ free pre-installed apps

Unlimited Alpha

Ready in 3 Data Centers
$ 42
  • 1000 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Master Reseller Accounts / Clients
  • Unlimited WHM accounts / Clients
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts / Clients
  • WHMReseller Alpha reseller Panel
  • FREE .COM domain * Annual purchase
  • 400+ free pre-installed apps

Features included in all Reseller Plans

Monthly Bandwidth


Professional Emails




Free SSL Certificates


Website Builder


Security tools

Powerful Imunify360


Billing & Sales


Stabilize and secure

Daily Backup

Free JetBackup

cPanel & WHM

Friendly control panel


Free +380 Apps

Email secure delivery

Optional SMTP sender Relay

Your own brand

Sell Hosting and Domains with your own brand; Your clients will never see our name. Add your brand to the control panel for good measure.

FREE WHMCS Internal License

More Power to Your Sales ... Automate your entire reseller account; From customer billing to support tools!

Free 1 .com / .uk domain

The 1 free domain name is included in your annual, bi-annual and tri-annual hosting plans (except: Eco-basic /professional)

Free website builder

Our responsive website builder allows customers to create a new responsive website; or import your existing site for greater ease.

More than 380 applications of a click

You'll be able to install over 380 scripts in our one-click installer, including WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Magento and OpenCart!

Free daily backups

Full backups of your customers' data, including files and databases, are maintained daily.

Free SSL certificates

Comodo Unlimited SSL Certificates (cPanel) or LetsEncrypt (cPanel & Plesk) for all domains managed under your plan.

Emails and Anti Spam Protection

Unlimited emails and effortless anti-spam technology protection for your mailboxes; prevent SPAM attacks from reaching your inbox.

Multiple user accounts

Sell individual cPanel hosting accounts for your clients; they can access their account they can access using separate login credentials.

Google Ads Coupon

Sign up now and get $ 50 in free advertising when you spend $ 15

Free website transfer

Our Specialists will transfer your cPanel, files and databases completely free.

Daily malware scanning and protection

With daily malware scanning on your hosting, we will keep the website virus free.

24x7 Specialized Support

Support through live chat, Ticket system (email) Daily backup Online support portal Access to the community forum

Free domain reseller Account

Start registering or transferring .com, .net, .org domains and more than 1000 TLDs at an affordable price with the 7Cloud Serverreseller platform.


Stabilize your cPanel accounts. density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources.

Simplify and automate your sales, daily tasks and operations.

Save time

Powerful automation takes care of most everyday tasks; so you don't have to, saving you time and money.

Automatic billing

Automatic invoices and reminders, support for multiple payment gateways and MOSS / VAT tax collection

Websites and domains

Integration with the main hosting control panels and several domain registrars for automatic provisioning.

Support tools

Integrated support tools provide tickets, knowledge base, downloads and more to your customer area.

Development with wide compatibility

Easily expandable through well-documented APIs, ability to develop and install custom modules and templates.

Secure and scalable

WHMCS is a stable, secure and reliable solution designed for web hosting companies of all sizes.

Technical Specifications

Dallas TX, EEUU Data Center

Dallas TX, EEUU Data Center

Processor: Intel Xeon W 3.5 - 4.7GHz
CPU: 16 vCores
Storage: 100% SSD NMve
Ethernet: 1Gbit/s unlimited
Anti DDOS protection

Toronto, ON Canada Data Center

Toronto, ON Canada Data Center

Processor: Intel Xeon W 3.5 - 4.7GHz
CPU: 16 vCores
Storage: 100% SSD NMve
Ethernet: 100MB to 1Gbit/s unlimited
Anti DDOS protection

London, UK Data Center

London, UK Data Center

Processor: Intel Xeon W 3.5 - 4.7GHz
CPU: 16 vCores
Storage: 100% SSD NMve
Ethernet: 100MB to 1Gbit/s unlimited
Anti DDOS protection

Nuremberg, Germany Data Center

Nuremberg, Germany Data Center

Processor: Intel Xeon E5 2.7 - 3.3GHz
CPU: 10 vCores
Storage: 100% SSD SATA
Ethernet: 1Gbit/s unlimited
Anti DDOS protection

SSD storage layers

Built on SolidFire platform, our best UK reseller hosting is 100% SSD-powered. Three separate layers ensure no single point of failure and data is secure and protected.

Free CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare’s CDN reduces hops and lowers latency. CloudFlare also blocks threats and limit abusive bots and crawlers from wasting your bandwidth and server resources.

Resources for each cPanel account

Memory: 1GB vRAM
CPU: 1 vCore CPU
IOPS: 1024
I/O: 1MB/s
# processes: 100

Frequently asked questions about Alpha Reseller Hosting

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is essentially a way for you to purchase hosting resources from us in bulk and then to re-sell those resources directly to your clients. You can set limitations on disk space, bandwidth, email usage, and other features on a per-package or per-site basis. We provide a completely managed service from a technical perspective – the server space, hosting resources and support come from us and you are responsible for supporting your end-user clients. You can even brand your clients’ cPanels with your own logo for a super professional image.

But reseller hosting isn’t just for web designers, agencies and start-up hosting companies – it’s also a great option if you run a lot of websites personally. Because you have access to WHM, you can create each site with its own separate cPanel. This means each site or client gets their own login to manage their own hosting settings, isolating them completely from other users on the same server or under your account. This improves site performance and resiliency from malware attacks.

Can I Make Money With Reseller Hosting?

You definitely can. There are countless success stories from entrepreneurs that have managed to take on hundreds, even thousands of clients, just be aware of the work you’ll need to put in.

Read our article to learn how much you can make with Reseller Hosting.

Do I Need Technical Knowledge for Reseller Hosting?
Not necessarily. We offer comprehensive packages and take care of most technical aspects of your reseller business. We will help you to fix and manage all server and licenses issues.
Can My Reseller Account Handle The Amount of Traffic I Expect?
This depends on the package you choose. The short answer, though, is yes. We cater to all levels of scalability; just keep us in the loop as operations develop and we’ll ensure the sites hosted on your server are able to adjust to their growth efficiently.
Affiliate Program vs Reseller hosting: What Is The Difference? Which Is Better?

Both have advantages and disadvantages and one isn’t better than the other. Rather, each will be better in different circumstances. Those looking to build a business should try reselling, while those wanting passive income should become affiliates.

You can learn more about the differences between reseller hosting and affiliate programs on our blog.

How long does Reseller Hosting setup take?
Once you’ve ordered the desired reseller hosting plan, your package is created instantly and you’ll receive a welcome email shortly after with your credentials to get started.
Can My Server Host Any Site?
We do place some restrictions on what can be hosted through our reseller servers, though there are only a few instances. These include typical E-learning scripts, LMS, Java, NodeJS, Phishing, Streaming, tube sites, copyrighted content, P2P sharing, and crypto mining. Simply ask us and we’ll let you know what’s on the cards and what isn’t; we’re always available.
Do you provide WHMCS?
Yes, we provide for you 1 internal License for each Reseller account what can order with us.
How many domains can I host on my reseller?
Each reseller package comes with a number of cPanel accounts you can create. However, each cPanel account allows unlimited domains. We recommend separating each site into separate cPanel accounts wherever possible.
Can You Help Me Move My Existing Sites Over?
We won’t just help; we’ll do all the work for you. Regardless of how many cPanel accounts you currently have, we offer totally free migrations. Speak to our technical team once you’ve picked your desired plan and we’ll handle the rest, and at the pace you need us to.
Where Do You Store My Backups?
Our partnerships with various cloud providers, the best that’s available, means your backups are always safe and readily accessible. We don’t store them physically, so there’s zero risk of them being lost or compromised.
I Want To Add Multiple Reseller Accounts To My Server. Is This Possible?
Of course it is! Put simply, one set of reseller login details can host thousands of accounts liked to cPanel. It’s in your best interest, what with speed and congestion issues, to spread them across several locations. Get in touch and we’ll support you on this; no problem!
Do you offer Unlimited Disk Space?

No, we don’t, there are no real disks with unlimited storage, so we couldn’t scam you with fake info.

Why do I need a Hosting Reseller package

This package aims to consolidate your clients’ sites into a manageable location, or if you are interested in offering web hosting services to your current and future clients.

Does the Reseller package include any applications?

Yes, as with our Web and Premium packages, we provide you with over 400 easy-to-install web applications. These include content management systems like WordPress and Magento, analytics tools like Piwik and SmarterStats, and e-commerce solutions like PrestaShop and X-Cart.


Does the package come with AutoSSL or LetsEncrypt?

Our reseller hosting packages include LetsEncrypt with cPanel and Plesk Dashboard and COMODO’s AutoSSL with cPanel Dashboard.

How many clients can I host?

According to your chosen package, from 50 clients to unlimited, without limit for the number of clients you can have in your Reseller Hosting account.

Do my clients each have their own cPanel?

Yes, your clients can manage their hosting with their own control panel, which is provided free of charge.

Is there a control panel or do I need to buy one?

Yes, you will have a cPanel & WHM control panel to manage your accommodation. Your choice of control panel is included with your Reseller Hosting package at no additional charge.

How long does it take to activate my service once I have paid?

Once you have registered and paid, our system will verify your payment made for your order. When approved, you will receive an email indicating that your Reseller Hosting account has been activated automatically, this depends on the chosen gateway, example if you use PayPal, it takes between 1 – 40 seconds, if you use a credit or debit card, it is immediate , if you use 2checkout it is 3-7 minutes

Will I have technical support available?

Yes, we have a friendly and trained team of professionals 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, support that can help you with anything that causes problems with your Hosting Reseller package. Our support team regularly receives enthusiastic reviews and positive comments.

What is the online uptime guaranteed to me?

We offer 99.9% uptime through load balancing and redundant clusters, ensuring you can deliver reliability to your customers.

Can I use my own name server - DNS?

Yes, you can use Private Name Servers in your Reseller Hosting account, and our technical support team can help you if you need help setting them up.

What happens and how can I update or upgrade my hosting plan?

Updating your hosting package is as easy as contacting our support team, who can recommend the best solution for your needs and guide you through the migration process. There are no hidden fees or charges if you decide to change packages, you will only pay the difference from your current rate to the new package to migrate, in short all that will change is your subscription fee, which will change based on the cost of your new solution.

Are there hidden costs for my contracted service?

No, there are no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs with any of our services. All you pay is your standard recurring subscription fee.